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La Guilde Culinaire

La Guilde Culinaire, école de cuisine.


Tout un univers dédié à l’art de la cuisine en plein coeur de Montréal. Des cours de cuisine et des Ateliers de Préparation ouverts au grand public pour découvrir ou redécouvrir le plaisir de cuisiner. Des cours adaptés et pratiques pour vous permettre de vivre une expérience passionnante, apprendre les astuces de chefs et mettre du piment dans vos recettes.

Apportez vos mains !
Ici, tout le monde met la main à la pâte.

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Dedicated to the art of cooking, we not only offer the very best culinary equipment and literature in our boutique, but we’ll also show you how the pros do it in our classes and through our perfect dinners. Our expert chefs will share their passion as well as their crucial tips and skills which will greatly enhance all your recipes.

La Guilde Culinaire

1. Whether you are a foodie or a cook in training, our classes help you develop your skills further.

  • Home chefs, food lovers, groups of friends, youngsters or adults
  • People with good cooking skills and food knowledge or beginners
  • Discerning connoisseurs or just curious about food

Discover the basic techniques of the culinary arts with our chefs’ tested and approved recipes (3, 4 or 5 services).

Whether new to cuisine or veterans, all food lovers are welcome to share their passion and knowledge and meet people with the same interests.

 For each class, there is a maximum of 12 students, plus the chef and his/her assistant, for a ratio of 1:6 maximum, allowing plenty of time to practice the techniques.

 In teams of 2, you will be equipped with a complete set of tools, including an apron and a knife block.

 We provide you with all the ingredients necessary during the classes.

 The chef is always there for you. Besides, your team partner is there to help, too. So, no worries.

 It’s best to be a group, that way we can all exchange tips, discuss food topics, and go home with numerous recipes to explore and test.

 On arrival, the aroma and the environment always set the mood for a great experience.

 Simplicity and cheerfulness are part of the experience, helping you work and taste what you do during the class.

Be prepared to work !

At La Guilde Culinaire, everyone cooks.